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Our world is changing constantly and rapidly. This means that even if you’d like to continue your business as usual, change in your organization or company will probably be inevitable. Because new opportunities or constraints arise, or because you need to avoid becoming irrelevant in tomorrow’s reality.

Head confidently into the future

We know that tomorrow’s brands are organizations and businesses that are truly meaningful and that can convey their stories. We help you find or redefine a shared purpose and vision and your most enticing story to confidently head into the future.

For people, businesses and organizations in need of: 
strategy for the future; a (new) purpose architecture; a roadmap towards realizing your full potential; coaching; strategic advice; ...

Working with Shaved Monkey was a warm bath and a crazy trip during which I was constantly challenged to work from the essence and make that essence explicit. I learned how to tell SOM’s story and method in a very powerful and connecting manner. This deep and authentic way of counseling and coaching doesn’t only improve your project’s social impact but also your personal impact.

Lore Baeyens (Coördinator Samen Onderwijs Maken)


We answer questions such as: What’s my identity again? What’s my company’s purpose? Is my team still doing what we set out to do? What’s my business’ future potential? We call this category of clients our 'shake' category because we go to the core and foundations of what you do and this might very well shake you world. Every collaboration is different of course, but some elements are pretty standard to how we work:

  • We look at your organization from a wide-angle perspective. We map your DNA and the ecosystem you’re part of. 
  • We look for the dynamics in your organization. At where it’s going well, where it’s not, where you’re going. Once we’ve identified your future potential, we build bridges to get from your current ‘as is’ to your desired ‘to be’. 
  • And we mean business. We don’t see the point in creating theoretically sound strategies that leave you with no tools to make them a reality. We build transitional trajectories and even provide personal coaching if needed.
What else: strategy, storytelling & content production
Shaved Monkey can also be your creative partner in other strategic issues or content production.
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