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Having a great business idea or running a truly meaningful organisation is not the same thing as having the impact you desire. It's not because you know where we need to go, that people will automatically follow.

Strategy & storytelling

Our clients want to change the world for the better, but having a purpose does not automatically engage people or generate behaviour change. This takes strategic and creative communication skills and seasoned storytellers; enter Shaved Monkey!

Count on us for: storytelling; brand & identity building; finding your futureproof narrative; creating engaging communication & marketing strategies; …

“No other communication agency questioned our question and treated it so authentically like Shaved Monkey did. Thanks to their insights in human nature and our world, we radically reoriented our marketing course in which storytelling changed us from an anonymous fish with a commercial proposition to a brand that people actually love. From anonymous on the shelf to prime time on our most important national radio station, I wouldn’t have dared dream this.”

Stijn Van Hoestenberghe (CEO & Sustainable Fish Farmer Omegabaars)


We call this category of work our ‘shape’ category. Our shape clients dispose of the raw materials but need help to weave them into an engaging narrative / brand / marketing strategy / …  We help you find and tell your authentic story in a way that establishes strong connections with your stakeholders and allows you to truly have an impact. Our tools: 

  • First we harvest your raw materials. We listen, we watch, we ask questions. We find the sweet spot where what you do has the most potential to truly connect with whom you want to engage. 
  • Once we find your futureproof story, we can shape it into the tools you need to make it a tangible reality; a visual style, a tone and voice, name and baseline, a pitch presentation to engage stakeholders, etc. 
  • To further realize your ambitions, our team of experts translate your goals into strategic marketing and communication plans. We define the shapes, media and journeys that can let your message set things in motion. 
What else: the future of your business & content production
Shaved Monkey can also be a partner in your business transformation or creative content production.
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