We shave your content.

True engagement isn’t inspired by giving merely factual information about your business or organisation. A good story however can really generate impact. At Shaved Monkey, we understand the power of storytelling and we know how to use it. 

Campaign & content production

Engaging content and campaigns grab you and touch something profoundly before your rational brain can explain why. We help you create and distribute those kinds of stories.

We create: campaigns; creative concepts; content (video, photo, copy, etc.); designs (web, print, social, merch, packaging, etc.); brand activations (installations, events, interactive experiences); …

“Shaved Monkey digs deeper, they’re more than a creative partner. Together, they look for the essence of your company. A Shaved Monkey collaboration not only yields great ideas, it helps you bring your identity into focus. Once you get a grip on that, the rest comes naturally."

Pieterjan Verhaeghen (Co-Founder & CEO - Bolt)


In our ‘shave’ category, we work with clients who are looking for an agency that can produce the right output. We create powerful concepts, campaigns and content to inspire and engage your audience. 

Everything starts with a strong idea; whether it’s for a single deliverable or an integrated campaign, we always look for concepts that deliver. 

Those ideas then go to our production crew. We produce videos and photos, visual design for web, social, merch, packaging, etc. We write long and short copy, we create installations, events and interactive experiences. In short: anything to truly get the message across and have the impact you desire. 

What else: the future of your business, strategy & storytelling
Shaved Monkey can also be a partner in your business transformation or other strategic issues.
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