Vision title

Positive impact

Shaved Monkey has the ambition to make a positive contribution in an ever-changing world. We want to make a significant impact and leave our mark.

Shaved Monkey is striving towards a better world. Sustainable. Connected. Balanced.

Together with our clients and partners we dare to dream big, think freely and tell stories that make a difference.


Mean something

How do we do it? Always with passion. Out of intuition, analysis and energy. And always together, co-creating.

You want something. To achieve something. To add something.

We listen to your need and find out how we can help you, your organization and the world.


Open vision

Without prejudice, we want to understand you and the world you operate in.

Discovering who you are is necessary to offer you the right answers.


Everything is possible

We dare to lose ourselves. We use our imagination to reach our goals. Unlimited, creative, with an open mind.

This results in an idea for your solution. Or even more than an idea, it's a vision.


Bold plans

The power of a vision becomes apparent in its realisation.
We carefully consider which creatives are right for the job. Experts.

Together we find creative proposals. A plan takes shape.


Creating future

Dreaming, daring AND doing, that's what we stand for. We bring to life what we imagine. This is where all the expertise comes together.

Our goal is the impact we create. With respect for people and content.


Into the hearts

Choosing and creating the right context to bring your message, that's our strength. If you can touch people's hearts, you can reach their minds. It's only when the circumstances add up that impact can be created.

Your impact is achieved. You, your organization and the world experiences it. And it's measurable, with noticeable results.


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