Incovo’s Mission Gold

How does one create a shared mission amongst citizens and their waste management operator?

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For 40 years already, Incovo is making sure that waste is handled with care in the five Belgian municipalities Londerzeel, Machelen, Meise, Vilvoorde and Zemst. Quite the task, but their mission doesn’t end there. Together with policymakers and citizens, Incovo aims to decrease the total amount of waste produced ànd do a maximum of recycling. But how does one succeed at such a task? 

Together with Incovo, we traveled to the core of the challenge: our relationship with waste is an ‘out of sight out of mind’ one. Once the garbage bag is out of the front door, it’s gone. That’s not the case of course, it has merely been moved to another place on our planet, into the caring hands of Incovo.

From this challenge, Shaved Monkey distilled a new focal point for Incovo’s future: how do we make people ascribe a new value to their waste? How do we do this in a positive and enthusing manner? Our answer: Mission Gold. Because in tomorrow’s world, waste is a raw material, just like gold. Something to cherish. Something that is precious to us.

Mission Gold is a story that paints a picture of the future, that ascribes a new value to waste, that is a collective positive challenge and opens up a complete array of possible activations for the message. We defined three very specific pillars upon which this story is constructed. We elaborated on the story and these pillars in a vision document, a strategic communication plan with specific advice in terms of tone of voice, communication channels and target groups and possible short and long-term activations towards all internal and external stakeholders. 

We created a short animated movie that translated the new story into a first tangible shape and a new graphic, cheerful style that can speak to Incovo’s very diverse range of target groups.

We ended our exercise by creating a compass, a manual and presentation to enable Incovo to further carry out their new mission independently into the future.

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