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Introducing a new frame that makes choosing contemporary art accessible and fun.

Kunst in Huis
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Non-profit organization Kunst in Huis came to Shaved Monkey in search of a marketing partner to boost subscriptions, to sell more artworks and to improve participation of its physical points of sale in communication. Behind this question, however, we detected a need for something larger; to find a clarity in the larger communication frame that would give the organization a new energy and direction to move forward.

Shaved Monkey suggested a short trajectory that would allow us to move quickly from strategy to implementation. In two ‘deep dive sessions’ with team members from throughout the organization, we harvested the pieces of the puzzle. We got acquainted with the organization’s history and culture, successes and obstacles it came across, what their target groups’ motivations are,... and thus the elements to write a new story. Shaved Monkey took these insights to the drawing board and combined them into a vision for the future that reconnects the essence of Kunst in Huis to its meaning in the world.

We believe that a story can’t do its magic unless it is made tangible, so we immediately presented this vision as a communication strategy with several creative outputs. We introduced a new mental frame of ‘Spotify for the contemporary art scene’ and a matching graphic style allowing for the organization to start up new campaigns, develop promotional materials, POS activations, B-to-B communication initiatives, etc. The new frame fulfils several functions at once. It simplifies the offer - a vast choice and a fixed monthly fee - that was often communicated in a complex way. On the other hand, it uses a language that is contemporary, that our target audience is familiar with, and that lowers the threshold perceived by people when considering contemporary art. Finally, it opens a rich world of possibilities to incorporate several of our target audiences’ drivers.

We have now successfully applied this new frame to a social media campaign aiming at conversions; a local campaign for the opening of a new point of sale in Leuven and a Christmas campaign to sell the ‘Kunstcheque’. Today we’re in the middle of developing a new online platform that further carries out this new vision and that will be the icing on the cake of this transformation. 

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