More People, More Future

Translating demographic growth into opportunities to make places more sustainable.

Province of East-Flanders
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‘More People, More Future’ is the name of an online tool we launched in the final phase of a strategic and creative collab with Architecture Workroom Brussels and the Belgian province of East-Flanders. The culmination of their joint project for the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

The region in and around Ghent in Belgium will have about 40.000 more inhabitants by 2035. This means a need for extra living spaces, various kinds of services, spaces to work, etc. But what if we can turn this demographic growth into an opportunity to make the region more sustainable, healthy and climate-proof? This is what the IABR Atelier Oost-Vlaams Kerngebied had been looking into these past years.

Shaved Monkey came in when the project needed a boost. The ideas and goals it set out with needed an external eye to get everything back on a final track. Throughout a few workshops, we dismantled the complexity of the situation and finally suggested a strategy to work towards an end-goal.

In a second round, we made these ideas a reality and produced an online tool, a visual language and copy to make complex urban planning scenarios attractive and easy to consult. The simulator we built allows anyone to peek into the future of their municipality, to identify interesting zones and discover possible scenarios for urban planning to realize a sustainable future.

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