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Storytelling, brand architecture & creation, brand awareness & activation, employer branding, content & video marketing, business strategy, growth hacking, environmental & social programs,... 

You want to change something, achieve something, but you’re not sure what or how? You want to create positive impact? To build a sustainable, successful and future-proof organisation, or to launch a strong marketing and communication strategy? We gather a team of experts specifically suited for your needs that analyses, creates and implements. Always in cocreation with your goals and our imagination as sparring partners. 

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A Shaved Monkey client often knows a lot of things but often doesn’t know they already know a lot of things. Together we get to the bottom of it. We dig until we find the gold that is your future path. We use the power of storytelling for you to get the energy flowing again and for your audience to meaningfully connect with you. There is a way for you to flourish, grow and thrive in this hectic world. 

 Robin, CEO & founder Shaved Monkey

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