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Starting point: let's dive deep

During our Deep Dive, we explore the essence of your organisation, your future and the trends of tomorrow. Together we pick up new and useful insights that you can then work on independently or with Shaved Monkey.


  • From 9.00 to 17.00

  • Shaved Monkey
    Vaarkom 41/8
    3000 Leuven

  • €2,450 (excl VAT)

What does a Deep Dive give you?

  • An expert view of the crucial elements of your challenge and your offer

  • All the building blocks for the possible steps forward

  • … and many other satisfying new insights

What questions will we answer together?

  • What obstacles does your organisation face?

  • Where is your energy? And where is it missing?

  • What are your challenges and what do they relate to?

  • How clear is the vision of these challenges?

  • What is the organisation’s deep desire?

  • What changes in the world are affecting your organisation?

  • Where is your future potential?

Who is our Deep Dive aimed at?

  • Companies and organisations who feel that change is necessary, but can’t clearly define what is required

  • Companies and organisations who want to find out if Shaved Monkey is the right party to work with

Shall we dive deep together?