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Mini-guide: ‘Take action, drive change’

Download our free mini-guide now, filled with 36 pages of inspiring insights and actionable strategies for aspiring changemakers who want to turn their energy into tangible positive change.

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What to expect from this guide?

  • Learn more about what change is and how it happens.
  • Be inspired by original stories of untold change makers.
  • Equip yourself with 10 strategies to navigate change.
  • Get the boost you need to believe you can make that change happen.

Who is it for?

Together with Rewired, Shaved Monkey has developed this concise guide for budding changemakers that gives you that extra push to get out of your comfort zone, take the first action, and turn a fledgling idea into tangible positive impact.

The mini-guide is an inspiring roadmap for entrepreneurs who dream of tackling a social issue, or for employees who want to initiate change within their organisation. In short, for anyone who wants to make the crucial transition from thinking to doing.

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Get to know Rewired

Each month Olga and Daphne from Rewired share their favorite books, tools, news and insights from the world of business, design and positive impact. Highly recommended!