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Think wide. Feel deep. Imagine big.

Shaved Monkey was born out of a belief that things need to be different. That we are at a tipping point where companies, organisations and governments are being challenged to reinvent themselves for a more sustainable and humane future. To succeed in this, three principles are central to all our collaborations.

01 — Think wide

Think in every direction

To realise positive impact together, we believe it’s essential to connect deeply with your organisation. Only then can we define where your driving force lies and harness the energy needed to set things in motion.

Moreover, we always look at challenges with a broad ecosystem view that we get from in-depth interviews, among other things. Many organisations think too much from their own perspective, when the answers are often to be found in relationships with others.

To explore what we can do together in the world, we also look a long way ahead. For Shaved Monkey, it’s not enough to future-proof organisations. We’ll help you to make an active social contribution to the future.

02 — Feel deep

Listen, learn, connect

“Shaved Monkey were the first to really listen to us,” is something we often hear. Some even call us “a psychologist for organisations”.

These are particularly nice compliments, because in all our partnerships we attach great importance to safety, connection, empathy, co-creation and a willingness to listen

Why? It’s not only because we believe this is the most enjoyable and sustainable way of working together. It’s also because we know from experience that this is the only way to get to the heart of an organisation and generate real impact.

03 — Imagine big

Progress through visualisation

In a world at a tipping point, you need to reinvent yourself. But to become your future self, you must first be able to visualise it with razor-sharp clarity. 

That’s why, at Shaved Monkey, we really believe in the power of imagination to initiate change. What rational facts cannot do, creativity in words and images can: touch hearts, generate energy and enthuse people to work towards a common mission

In our collaborations, we therefore use imagination as both a means and an end. We don’t only help organisations to think big and dream creatively. We translate everything into images of the future, concepts and tangible derivatives.

Let’s hear from you

Got a question? An idea? Inspired by these principles? We’re curious to hear from you. Get in touch and we’ll speak soon.