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What does your organisation or project stand for and how can you communicate that with real impact?

A lot of people know what the purpose or raison d’être of their organisation or project is. But that doesn’t mean they can communicate that mission well. The content is there, you just lack the right future-proof narrative with the right internal foundations.

At Shaved Monkey, we use the power of storytelling through words and images to increase your impact. After all, science teaches us that it’s not the rational, factual path that really moves people, but the emotional and intuitive one. To strike the right chord, together we create a clear, easily conveyed and inspiring story with a fresh, stimulating and distinctive brand. That’s what we call storytelling and branding.

We help you with

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand concept
  • Brand story
  • Brand design
  • Naming
  • Baseline
  • Brand voice
  • Copywriting
  • Design

Our approach


In search of your core

At Shaved Monkey, we love working with organisations and project teams that make a difference in society. You’ve already reinvented the old ways because you saw that they needed to be done differently. But how do you express that to the outside world? The first step: getting to grips with your core, with what makes you you, together.


Brand strategy & concept

Getting people to buy into your story with conviction is what we’re after. How do you make sure you reach them? How do you communicate in a way that speaks to them? How do you help make their dreams come true? A future-proof brand strategy and an appealing brand concept answer these questions and form the basis for attractive, streamlined communication.

03 — BUILD

Brand story & branding

Once the new direction of your brand has been defined, we move on to the development of your brand identity. This is where our creative power runs at full speed. We shape a brand identity in both words (your brand story) and images (your brand design). Together, they form the basis of everything your organisation or project conveys.

Our other areas of expertise

Engagement & empowerment

We help you to create participation pathways and communicate them with impact.

Purpose & future building

We support your organisation to explore and realise its contribution to a better world.

Ready to shape your story and brand?