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How do you ensure your organisation is future-proof and make an active contribution to the future?

The world is changing rapidly and organisations everywhere are wondering what their future will look like. Resisting tomorrow makes no sense. On the contrary: the world is challenging organisations to contribute to a better, cleaner and fairer future themselves.

At Shaved Monkey, we help companies, organisations and networks to (re)discover what they can do for society. Remaining true to your origins and applying forward-looking visualisation are the keys to achieving that. Once we have a clear view of your new self, we work on recruitment, set up transition paths where they’re needed and provide personal coaching to guide you to the next chapter. In short, we help you define and realise your future.

We help you with

  • Soul searching
  • Context analysis
  • Purpose definition
  • Scenario planning
  • Future strategy
  • Action plan
  • Leadership programme
  • Personal coaching
  • Service and product innovation

Our approach


In search of your core

Making the right decisions starts with truly understanding your organisation and its history. Our aim is to discover the essence of your existence. We map out your DNA, as well as the broader social context you have to be aware of. Together we look to the future, seeking your place in the world.


A vision of the future

Now that we have a view of your current and future organisation, we examine the various ways of getting there. Through creative exercises, we visualise the role your organisation will soon be fulfilling, and the road towards it. The choices you make are transformed into a solid strategy for the future.

03 — BUILD

Create your future

Once you’ve pictured who you want to be, you can start to become it. In this phase, we look together at the areas to be worked on. Do we translate your identity into a new brand? Is there work to be done on your internal organisational culture or structure? Or do you need innovation processes to reinvent your product or service? We surround you with the best people, and together we safeguard your new vision.

Our other areas of expertise

Engagement & empowerment

We help you to create participation pathways and communicate them with impact.

Storytelling & branding

Together we translate your mission into a clear and inspiring story.

Ready to embark on a new path?