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Assisting the birth of three real estate organisations, each with its own new brand

The totality of services provided by alternative developer Miss Miyagi had become so complicated that it was difficult to communicate them to the outside world. Shaved Monkey helped the parent company evolve into three ‘sister organisations’, each with their own story.


Miss Miyagi, Stadsmakersfonds and

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One complex company

Founded in 2017, Miss Miyagi had quickly become a leader in real estate projects with a positive societal impact. At the helm? Three passionate founders, each with their own vision. This constellation had resulted in a multitude of services, catering to an even broader range of clients - from private owners to investors to governments. It was up to Shaved Monkey to reintroduce structure, for both the company’s own employees and potential clients, so that Miss Miyagi could achieve its future potential.

Miss Miyagi and her three sisters

As always, we first dived in-depth. During several intense workshops, we gained a full understanding of the mission of the three partners. Subsequently, we unravelled the needs of the various stakeholders. This way, a clear picture emerged of what exactly Miss Miyagi could offer its diverse target groups. Step by step, it also became evident that an offering from three separate 'sisters' would be more comprehensible and appealing to both the outside and inside world than the wide-ranging and sometimes complex history of Miss Miyagi itself.

Three new fresh brands

With the above insights, the organisational strategic foundation was in place to start communicating effectively. Together, we produced an update of the parent brand Miss Miyagi and shaped the two sisters' brands, namely “Stadsmakersfonds” (the cooperative development fund) and “” (the real estate platform for properties to be repurposed).

Tailor-made communication

Just like any family, it became a recognisable unit, with a clear form and distinct differences. In addition to a visual style, we also created interesting taglines and coherent core text for each brand, designing an offline and online communication strategy. We then helped select the right partners, prepared strong articulate briefings and offered efficient support where necessary. In no time at all, the three brands came to life; each with its own tailored website and communication materials.

Flourishing organisations

Today, the three organisations are thriving like never before. Stadsmakersfonds now has no fewer than 140 cooperators who have invested a total of 3.5 million euros and was chosen by the Social Innovation Factory as one of the Radical Innovators of 2022. Te Herbestemmen has provided advice to thirteen owners over the past two years and has nine files in the research or sale phase. And ‘mother’ Miyagi can now work with full focus on (and for) special places with significant, social impact. And Shaved Monkey? We remain an advisory rock for all the new challenges the companies face.

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