We help you tell your story and find your future.

Our Approach

We know how to generate impact, and that’s a power we want to put to good use. We’re here to help organizations and businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world. Can we shake, shape or shave your story?

We shake your core

Our world is changing constantly and rapidly. This means that even if you’d like to continue your business as usual, change in your organization or company will probably be inevitable. Change because new opportunities or constraints arise or to avoid becoming irrelevant in tomorrow’s reality. 

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We shape your story

Our clients want to change the world for the better, but having a purpose does not automatically engage people or generate behavior change. This takes strategic and creative communication skills and seasoned storytellers; enter Shaved Monkey! 

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We shave your content

True engagement isn’t inspired by giving merely factual information about your business or organization. A good story however can really generate impact. At Shaved Monkey, we understand the power of storytelling and we know how to use it.

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