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This is us

We are futurists, storytellers, soft scientists, brand builders, designers and creatives in a powerful ecosystem of like-minded organisations.

We are new world architects

We are a strategic and creative agency that goes beyond future-proofing organisations. We help you to make an active social contribution to the future. To do this, we dive deep into your system and network of stakeholders and translate what’s happening like no one else can. We show the future in detail to those who dare to look first at themselves and then ahead. And we shape your ‘new self’ through practical outputs such as a new brand, campaigns, personal coaching, innovation and leadership pathways.

Meet the team

Robin ibens

Founder & Head of Change

Geertrui Heyvaert

Project Lead Cities

Joanna Ryckaert

Project Lead Brands

Dries Lybaert

Project Manager

Jan Denys


Rein De Block


Eva Nowé

Copywriter & Project Manager

Wendy Van den Wyngaert

Operations Manager

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Our open ecosystem

To make a difference every day and to offer you the best possible support, our contacts book is full of top-class talent. We regularly work with freelancers and companies such as directors, process facilitators, digital strategists, production houses, podcast makers, futurists, psychologists, humourists, systems thinkers and cartoonists. To achieve good things together, we’re never alone.

Our fixed partners

Because our way to the heart of organisations is through stories, the challenges are often diverse. To support you both strategically and operationally at a high level and over the longer term, we have deeper connections with certain organisations. For instance, our good friends at Statik provide us with strategic digital expertise and clout, and we can call on our fine friends at Wentelwiek when it comes to your people, teams and organisation. As a result, we have a team of more than 50 people who can help transform you into the organisation of your dreams.

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