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Shaved Monkey is the missing link between your gut feeling and actually making stuff happen.

Our story
We’d like to get to know what you do, how you do it and most importantly: why. Together we’ll find and shape your future path.
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What we can do for you
Have you met the power of storytelling? Let us introduce you, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about...
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Shaved Monkeys don’t bite! So let us know what’s on your mind, we’re listeners as much as we are talkers (and that’s saying a lot).
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A Shaved Monkey client often knows a lot of things but often doesn’t know they already know a lot of things. Together we get to the bottom of it. We dig until we find the gold that is your future path. We use the power of storytelling for you to get the energy flowing again and for your audience to finally meaningfully connect with you. There is a way for you to flourish, grow and thrive in this hectic world. 

Robin, CEO & founder Shaved Monkey

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